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Herut Party Platform


Herut: the National Movement proudly maintains the vision of Greater Israel. This vision was promised by our Father in Heaven to our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

"And also the Glory of Israel will not lie nor repent; for He is not a man that He should repent." (Samuel I 15:29)

A united Jerusalem is and will remain the eternal capital of Israel. The Party will work toward increasing the Jewish presence in every part of Jerusalem and strengthening the Jewish bond with the Temple Mount.

Israel is the sovereign state of the Jewish nation and manifests itself in the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in its ancestral homeland. For the purpose of preserving the unique character and identity of the Jewish state, it is important to increase its Jewish majority.

The Demographic Problem

A Government Ministry of Demographic Affairs

The Party considers Israel's demographic problem as the most serious threat to the existence of the Jewish State. This issue must be elevated to the level of national priority.

The Party favors the establishment of a Government Ministry of Demographic Affairs that will be mandated to deal with this issue.

The Party will work toward educating the public regarding the demographic problem, which stems from the disloyalties of the majority of the Israeli Arab population.

The Party sees a grave danger to the Jewish majority and to the Jewish character of the State in light of the fact that a significant segment of Israeli Arabs hold Israeli citizenship and a blue identity card yet consider themselves Palestinians in every aspect and identify with the Palestinian struggle.

Encouraging Emigration to Arab Nations

The Party will introduce legislation supporting emigration to Arab countries. The legislation will call for an emigration financial compensation package for every resident of Israel who will emigrate to an Arab country and who will renounce his Israeli citizenship and/or resident status.

Loyalty as Condition for Citizenship

The Party believes an oath of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish State is the basic condition for Israeli citizenship.

The Party will introduce legislation that conditions the right to vote and run for the Knesset upon the signing of a declaration of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish State.

Support of Aliyah

Herut believes Israel's resources for aliyah must be concentrated on supporting aliyah from Western countries and preventing Jews there from assimilation. The Absorption Basket of benefits should be offered to immigrants from the Welfare States at the expense of non-Jewish aliyah from the former Soviet Union.

The Party believes in strengthening Israel's ties with Israelis living in the Diaspora and enabling them to vote abroad for Knesset elections.

Increasing the Jewish Birthrate

Aside from Arab emigration, the second major source of Jewish population expansion is through natural growth.

The Party will encourage higher Jewish birthrates by granting large government subsidies to army and national service graduates only. The Jewish Agency for Israel would allocate child subsidies for families of yeshiva students and those not serving in the army on religious grounds.

Limiting Immigration to Israel

The Party supports taking active measures to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and non-Jewish foreign workers into Israel.

The Party supports limiting the aliyah requirements and preventing third-generation families from non-Jewish ancestry from benefiting from automatic Israeli citizenship and the benefits that come with it. The Party supports amending this portion of the Law of Return.

The Party favors amending the Law of Return to confer the status of "Who is a Jew" according to Torah Law.

Security and Foreign Affairs

The Disengagement

Israel's "Disengagement" from Gaza and Northern Samaria during the summer of 2005 represents a major tear in the fabric of the Jewish people. The decision to uproot Jews from their homes stems from the government's weakened resolve, poor leadership and political blindness. The Party strongly opposes the dismantling of Israeli settlements and the expulsion of Jews from any part of the Land of Israel.

In the spirit of uncompromising faith and belief in the vision of the entire Biblical Land of Israel, the Party believes that Gush Katif and Northern Samaria will once again be part of the State of Israel and will flourish under complete Jewish sovereignty.

Judea and Samaria

The Party opposes ceding any Israeli lands for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The Party supports strengthening the Jewish presence and majority in all areas of the Land of Israel as well as applying the laws of the State on all territories in our possession.

Relationship With Neighboring Arab Countries

Herut sees the importance of continued improving relations on the grounds of peace, tolerance and the will for mutual coexistence derived from the model of "Peace-in-exchange-for-Peace".


Our movement strives to increase levels of public awareness of current events taking place in Egypt, including potentially dangerous activities by the Egyptian government (such as an increase in purchase levels of American-made mid- and long-range missiles). Herut also calls for Egypt to permanently stop the flow of weapons that cross its border into Gaza where they are used to supply Arab terrorists. Additionally, Herut calls upon the Egyptian government to cease its anti-Semitic programming on state television and in the government press.


There is no question that much of the land presently possessed by Jordan historically belongs to the Jewish people. As long as Jordan maintains a good-neighbor policy, however, Israel shall do the same. In the case of any military actions initiated and/or supported by the Jordanian government (now or in future) these territories must be permanently returned to Israeli possession and supervision.

Arab 'Right of Return'

The establishment of Palestinian refugee camps is a direct result of the genocidal war against Israel waged by Arab nations. It is therefore only fair that the Arab nations whose actions led to the establishment of these refugee camps be responsible for the absorption and rehabilitation of Palestinians living there.

Unification of Arab Families in Arab Countries

The Party opposes the practice of Arab family reunification on Israeli soil, but supports this taking place in Arab countries.

Relationship with the United States of America

Herut places a high priority on maintaining a close and cooperative relationship with the United States. This relationship must resemble a mature and mutually beneficial alliance between countries, with an independent and sovereign Israel free to protect its political, economic and security interests.

The Party favors strengthening the US-Israel strategic partnership in the fight against global terrorism and the dangers that fundamental Islam poses to the civilized world.

The Party will work to cultivate the notion among Americans that their government's support in the Arab-Israel conflict is squarely behind the State of Israel, their lone democratic ally in the Middle East. The Americans should not play the role of an "even-handed mediator."

National Unity

The Party views Jewish national unity as an existential obligation. Herut will work toward unifying the many diverse facets of Israeli society while railing against those who sow hatred and division among our brethren.

Religion & State

The Torah and Jewish tradition have been the foundation for the Jewish nation throughout our long history.

The Land of Israel is the native homeland of the ancient Jewish people, deriving its birthright and existence from the Torah and Jewish tradition.

The Party will work toward firmly rooting the eternal values of the Torah of Israel into the life of the nation.

The State of Israel is a Jewish state and a democratic state-in precisely that order. The Party supports enacting legislation to preserve the Jewish essence and character of the State.

The Party will work toward advancing the standard of conversion according to Torah law and declarations of religion/ethnicity on identification cards.

The Party supports secure and unfettered access to the Temple Mount and to all Jewish holy places throughout Israel.

Herut supports formalization of the status quo on the State of Israel's Shabbat policies.

The Party opposes any measures that will harm the unique Jewish character of the State and is wary of unscrupulous parties either waging war against the institution of religion or proposing religious legislation. These forces threaten to erode the Jewish character and delicate balance of religion and state in Israel.

The Party will strive to draft yeshiva students into the Israel Defense Forces through agreement and consensus. Special "frameworks" enabling yeshiva students to perform their military service will pave the way for drafts earning the approval of community leaders.

The Party believes that Torah scholars earning a livelihood may be excused from army service only upon meeting the established criteria.

The Judicial System

"Justice, Justice, Thou Shall Pursue." (Deuteronomy 17:18)

The Party will work toward changing the process by which judges are appointed in order to ensure that the "Friends bring Friends" mentality will no longer prevail in Israel's Judicial system.

The Party will call upon the Judicial system to absorb into its ranks judges with varying world views that will represent the diversity of Israeli society.

The Party will introduce legislation according to the Hebrew Judicial spirit and will work toward infusing such values into the various branches of the Israeli Judicial system.

The Economy & Society

Herut believes in a free market economy, where healthy competition and a limited bureaucracy will be strong driving forces in successfully developing the Israeli economy.

The Party is firmly opposed to private, populist legislation that places heavy tax burdens on the business sector, leading to its demise.

The Party is opposed to increasing the costs of labor via legislation that will only increase unemployment.

While believing in limiting bureaucratic government control over private enterprise, Herut asserts that a Jewish country must function according to the ideals of social justice founded on the morality of Israel and justice of Scripture - the government of Israel must ensure that none go without the five basic necessities of dignified living as outlined by our teacher Ze'ev Jabotinsky: Mazon (food), Marpeh (health care), Moreh (education), Maon (housing) and Malbush (clothing)..

The Party calls for giving the weaker sectors a larger stake in the economy and a fairer distribution of earnings.

The Party calls for obligatory tax filings for all citizens and will introduce legislation guaranteeing genuine and equal opportunities in education.

The Party, in an effort to bolster women seeking to enter the workforce, will act to have the cost (or a portion) of childcare recognized by the Tax Authority.

The Party will act to establish fixed and symbolic fee schedules for nursery schools and day care centers in the development towns and poor communities.

Minorities Rights

The Party supports changing the Israeli attitude toward minorities who are loyal to the State, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it and share the defense burden by serving in Israel's armed forces. The Party will advance the principle of affirmative action in allocation resources and budgets for the Druze, Cherkass and other communities who serve in the Israel Defense Forces.


The Party supports the right of the Jewish people to every portion of the Land of Israel.

The Party will work toward the broadening and fortification of Jewish settlement throughout the land.

The Party will wage a public campaign for Jews to understand their fundamental right to settle the Land of Israel while living in safely and security.

Media & Fairness

The Party supports the fair and inclusive representation of all cultural views, ideologies and minorities on the state-run television and other outlets.

The Party will work toward giving a voice to the many diverse opinions and streams in Israeli society while preserving mutual respect, freedom of expression and balance.

The Party will strive to insert fair competition in the media sector and prevent the establishment of journalistic monopolies and conflicts of interest.


Herut believes that education is the key to safeguarding the future of the Jewish nation, designing the economy of the future and bridging social gaps between the rich and poor in our society.

The Party will work toward strengthening Jewish principles in the educational system, cultivating awareness of Jewish heritage and history and elevating educational standards for Israelis of all sectors.

The Party will act to replicate programs in Israel's state-religious educational system and implement them in the state school system.

The Party will support the study of prayers in elementary schools, imbuing every Jewish child with a religious "experience."

The Party will act toward developing in each school educational programs and memorial tributes to the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

The Party will work toward strengthening Israel's youth sense of brotherhood with all Jews as well as love for country, heritage and the land.

The Party supports genuine integration in every school and universal access to Jewish education. These conditions are vital to a unified, healthy and equal society.

The Party will work towards allocating financial resources for each child according to need so that all may begin learning the Hebrew language in the first grade. Standards must be established for every school in order to reduce the number of dropouts and significantly raise the number of diploma recipients.

The Party will work toward bringing efficiency to the educational system and attract teachers who can serve as role models and outstanding examples of decency, integrity, striving for excellence and humility.

The Environment

The ever present shortage of water is one of the most strategic threats to the State of Israel. The Party attaches great importance to securing Israel's sources of water (within the country) and preventing other nations from diverting water sources flowing into Israel.

The Party will work towards insuring Israel's effective preservation of rainfall and the establishment of desalinization facilities.

The Party will propose creative solutions to inter-city transportation problems that are crucial to solving lingering problems of pollution, air quality and the environment. Effective solutions for these problems will surely bolster Israel's economy.

The Party will introduce new building and zoning standards in densely populated areas in order to maximize space, protect the environment, increase efficiency and allow for state-of-the-art transit applications.

The Party will establish rail-based transportation solutions in order to reduce non-commercial vehicular traffic into the large cities. It will seek to deal with issues related to the densely populated cities, streets and roads.

The Party will work toward lowering Israel's scourge of traffic accidents by introducing new, innovative solutions spanning education and enforcement.

The Party will work toward strengthening enforcement and standards against polluters, while raising the quality of Israel's air.

The Party will work toward regulating the installation of cellular antennas throughout the country by prioritizing the health interest of the Israeli people ahead of the interests of the cellular phone companies.

Among other steps, the Party will work to tighten acceptable antenna radiation standards and increase required minimum distance between antenna stations and residential population centers.

The Party will call for the establishment of an independent regulatory body, empowered to levy heavy fines and penalties for every offense and deal firmly with cellular phone companies regarding the placement of their existing and future antennas.

The Party will work towards preserving all that lives and grows in the Land of Israel, including a forestation of desolate regions of Israel, preservation of water bodies and a zero tolerance policy against the illegal and hazardous dumping of industrial materials, toxic chemicals and sewage.

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