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Herut-The National Movement was reconstituted in 1999 following the Likud Party's ratification and implementation of the Hebron Agreement and the Wye Accords signed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Movement derives its inspiration from the ideology of the historic Herut Party, established in 1948 by Menachem Begin.

Benny Begin, son of Menachem Begin, headed the new Herut Party until his retirement from public life. The baton was passed along to Michael Kleiner, who serves as Chairman of the Party.

Today, on the eve of the election of the Seventeenth Knesset, Herut--The National Movement-holds true to its 13 Principles of Faith:

  • We believe in the vision of greater Israel and the right of the Jewish People to its entire ancestral homeland, the Land of Israel.

  • We believe that Gush Katif and Northern Samaria will once again be returned to Israel and will flourish under complete Jewish sovereignty.

  • We believe in the need for clear, proactive measures to ensure and fortify the Jewish majority in the State of Israel.

  • We believe that a national effort to encourage emigration of Arabs to Arab countries will solve Israel's demographic problem for the long-term.

  • We believe that sworn allegiance to Israel as a Jewish State should be a condition for citizenship.

  • We believe the eternal values of the Torah should be firmly rooted in the life of the Jewish State.

  • We believe that parties elected to the Knesset must represent an ideology, not the interests of a group of power-hungry politicians seeking to dole out favors and jobs to their relatives and cronies.

  • We believe that Israel's judicial system should be more pluralistic and representative of the diverse opinions and groups in Israeli society.

  • We believe that Hebrew should be declared the only official language of the Jewish State.

  • We believe in a free market economy and reject irresponsible, populist legislation which only hurts the weaker sectors of society and increases unemployment.

  • We believe in bolstering and enriching Israel's state education system with courses spanning Judaism and the Jewish heritage.

  • We call upon the State of Israel not to forget the contributions of Jonathan Pollard and work speedily and tirelessly to ensure his release from an American prison.

  • We believe the Law of Return should be amended to stop the influx of non-Jews into the country, which is diminishing the Jewish majority and character of the State.

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